Colorful Sky With Flying Bird

This is one of those sunsets with amazing sky. You don’t know where to look; at the sea reflection, colorful sky with amazing clouds or at the beautiful birds flying so softly… Advertisements

Big Strange Bird Looks At Me

Do you see me, I’m looking at you… What is your favorite animal? We always see dogs and cats, but I found turkey. He is walking like a king, but most interesting is his head with amazing wrinkled red skin… and him stare at me, like he wants something to say to me.

Little bird

What do you think about when you see little birds. I see freedom, happiness and friendship. Whenever you want to leave you just fly away, without words. Sometimes I wondered if I can fly away…

Beautiful Seagull

The seagull is a beautiful bird that lives by the sea, lakes and rivers. I see them every day… Sometimes many of them sound like an assembly with lovely songs…