Shining Red Flowers

Beautiful red flowers shining in the sunny day, I couldn’t remove my eyes on them.

Passiflora Caerulea

The blue passion flower growing in my neighborhood; I suppose you heard about the medical value of this egotistic plant.

Red Bud

The red bud will be a beautiful rose. What is your favorite rose color?! Each rose is beautiful in its own way, but red is more than a color; It’s a passion of life…

Rose With Bee

Look at this rose, it’s lovely, but do you see a little “monster” on the right side, bee is just about to land…

Spring Is In The Air

Spring is in the air and flowers are blooming… Although last few days were very cold, I hope soon spring will take over :))

Red Tulip

Spring is a pleasure for the eyes, ears and nose. Beautiful spring flowers all around us, … and today my choice is red tulip, magnificent in it’s beauty…

Happy Easter!

Hello dear friends, I hope you enjoy these days with your family… Sending you my love with this pure beauty… Happy Easter!  

Raindrops On White Flower

After the rain, raindrops on this white flower petals are making it even more appealing. Rain refreshes natures beauty. I don’t like rain, but I love effects of rain…