Glowing Ball

Sun goes down like a glowing ball behind the mountains. Look at the boat on the first pic, maybe you will see the contours.

Colorful Sky With Flying Bird

This is one of those sunsets with amazing sky. You don’t know where to look; at the sea reflection, colorful sky with amazing clouds or at the beautiful birds flying so softly…

Black clouds

Black clouds are really amazing. They are huge, massive and very impressive. They make the sunset more beautiful..

Sunset With Cloudy Sky

Hello my friends, last night was very cloudy… Here is my Sunset with awesome sky, it looked like a storm was brewing, but it was calm at the end… “The more you live in the present moment, the more the fear of death disappears. Eckhart Tolle”

Is it really the beauty in the eye of the beholder?!

What you see in this picture the beautiful moment or just the end of the day?! “The world is a dream, you say, and it’s lovely, sometimes. Sunset. Clouds. Sky.” “No. The image is a dream. The beauty is real. Can you see the difference?” Richard Bach  

Big Ball

Sometimes it get’s hard to find the time for hanging around with you guys, but here I am again… In the meantime, I caught moments of the day, like this one. …I like to watch the end of the day as the bright ball goes down. This was city view…


Here and now we live our life, in this quiet lovely moment. Leave the past and don’t think about the future… “Time isn’t precious at all, because it is an illusion. What you perceive as precious is not time but the one point that is out of time: the Now. That is precious indeed. The…

Sunset Lanscape

“What’s going on inside me at this moment? … Don’t analyze, just watch. Focus your attention within. Feel the energy of the emotion. Love, joy and peace are deep states of Being… Even when the sky is heavily overcast, the sun hasn’t disappeared. It’s still there on the other side of the clouds”. Eckhart Tolle